Scented Retainer Cases
Feature a trim looking shape durability - now available in the following scents
for patient enjoyment.
25 assorted cases per box.

Bubblegum (pink cases)
Cherry (red cases)
Lemon (yellow cases)
Orange (orange cases)

Price per Box 25.00 USD
  30.00 CAD

Scented Relief Wax Cases
Dispense your patient's relief wax in these fun and fragrant cases. Each
scented case accommodates 4 strips of relief wax for individual patient
use. Cases are light and small enough for easy carrying.
50 packs per box.

Bubblegum (pink cases)
Cherry (red cases)
Lemon (yellow cases)
Orange (orange cases)

Price per Box 25.00 USD
  30.00 CAD

Self-Retaining Cheek Retractors
Perfect for intra-oral photography. Comes in three sizes
to accomodate all patients comfortably.
Cold sterilize only.

Adult Cheek Retractors (2 per pack)
Teen Cheek Retractors (2 per pack)
Pedo Cheek Retractors (2 per pack)
Assortment Pack (one of each size)

Price per Package of 2: 15.00 USD
  20.00 CAD
Assortment Pack: 21.00 USD
  30.00 CAD

Adjustable Cheek Retractors
Unique bow design allows adjustment to ensure a comfortable fit for all
patients. Easily isolates the teeth for bonding procedures. Fully
sterilizable at temperatures up to 450 degrees F.

Price Each 25.00 USD
*Sizes vary 30.00 CAD

Intra-Oral Photography Mirrors
Our mirrors are coated with Rhodium, a durable and highly reflective
metal. They are mirrored on both sides for extra-long life and will
withstand repeated steam autoclave cycles. Riofoto mirrors offer
higher reflectance and sharper images than the chromium alternative.

Price Each 50.00 USD
*Sizes vary 65.00 CAD

Slim Edge Light Box

Ultra Thin, - only ½" thick. (14mm) New technology provides extremely
even, bright illumination. 8"x10" viewing surface for viewing slides,
radiographs, and trans- parencies. Has 2-5400K color corrected
lamps with 20,000 hour life. The unit can be used flat on a table, standing
at an incline, or hung flat on a wall. the Light Pad has also been designed
to display photo transparencies held under a clear plastic panel. Fits easily
in a briefcase or stores in a desk drawer. Powered by a 12V, DC adapter.
The overall size is 12 1/4" x 9 1/4" x 1/2". Weight 2 lbs.

Superior Orthodontics Home Care Kit

Everything your patient needs for braces care on the go or at home. Kit
includes: Orthodontic Dual Headed Toothbrush, Travel Toothbrush, End Tuft Brush, Personal Mouth Mirror, Floss Threader, Mint Flavored Dental Floss, Mint Flavored Dental Wax, and Duo Dent Inter-Dental Cleaning Appliance. Plastic cases come in 4 colors : green, red, orange, blue and purple.

Price per kit: 6.50 CAD
                      5.00 USD